Raw material quality


Base review planting area requirement: area shall not be less than 100 mu, no flower arrangement to surrounding environment: nearby no discharge of untreated or excessive amounts of damage to the environment of waste gas waste water and solid waste pollution infrastructure: a. management hut: used for everyday cultivation management of pesticide spraying supervision, special pesticide and its appliance store b. special pesticide spraying and title seed request: purchase of seedlings on the basis of organic seeds (miao), seed (miao) without banned substances processing, bud rate and survival rate of 85% or more;

Seedlings must not use gene transfer technology;

Disposing of unused drugs;

Requirements for pesticides :A draw up A list of pesticides according to varieties, diseases and insect pests;


B. Screening according to the list of recommended or prohibited pesticides;


C screening according to the key monitoring projects of pesticides in the importing country;


D. Screening can be carried out according to the monitoring items in the laboratory of the company;


E preferred biological pesticide technical guidance: professional guidance: agronomists and by the company management personnel cultivation management on the station Pest control circuit guidance base eppo member according to the list of drugs and pesticides dilution table To supervise, pesticide spraying, farming operations at fertility table of detailed records Pesticides stock registration form Packaging recycling list, and after use to store the special spray pesticides cleaning deposit to supervise;


5 to 7 days before the raw material is collected, the base department shall cooperate with the quality control department to carry out agricultural residue test on the sampling of raw materials to be collected in each producing area, especially to strengthen the surrounding sampling strength. If the inspection is qualified, the raw materials can be collected, otherwise rejected


processing quality

Green food has perfect HACCP plan, key point of product monitoring, total QA and QC personnel have been professional training, to master the strong professional knowledge, each year to the self-assessment of good practice, based on the BRC system, continuous improvement, continuous learning while doing 5 s management, constantly improve, always will be product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise.



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